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Having arrived at our house in the south of France in the middle of the afternoon we now made a pact with each other!

We were due out to our local village that evening to eat at the summer restaurant attached to the Cave (winery) so, as no one had ventured into our house for just over a year we decided to open the doors and have a look inside. If it had been invaded by anything from vermin to bee’s then we would lock up again have some ice cold beer from the fridge installed in the Landrover and then go to the restaurant enjoy the evening and sleep in the Landrover and sort out any problems after a decent nights sleep. Things are always better after a sleep apparently!

With a touch of anxiety we opened the front door and let some light in the first time for over a year!

What ever we’re we worried about! It was as we had left it, in fact it almost looked like we had only been away for a few days which added to our tired confused states of mind, was this COVID enforced absence a dream?

We had a lovely evening out at the restaurant catching up with family and friends alike soon putting our fatigue behind us. It’s amazing how good company, food and wine can revive the flagging spirits!

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