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Final days.

Travelling further south we stopped at Inveraray as featured in the film “the 39 steps”. A place well worth a visit it was beautiful but I can imagine it being somewhat bleak and isolated in the depths of winter.

I found a place selling Loch Fyne seafood so headed for it looking forward to fresh Oysters and other local produce ….”have you booked” we were asked as we looked at an empty restaurant, mouths watering and with a sign proudly proclaiming we can seat 72 people. Err no we haven’t sorry we told the waitress who went on to say there was no room!! It was 1:30 and we failed to see how it was going to get busy! A good job I was wearing a face mask at that point!!

Our final camp was beside Loch Goil overlooking Castle Carrick.

Another beautiful spot and nice clean toilets nearby. Scotland is a great place to wild camp but all too often we saw the damage being caused by idiots. When you wild camp the phrase “ leave no trace” really does apply. I can see if the popularity of wild camping and staycations continue and the idiots keep leaving their mess for others to clear away then all too soon the freedom of Scotland is going to be denied to all. There are plenty of bins all around the area for the public to use, there are even portaloo’s provided in popular areas too.

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