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How was it?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Living in the black beast was ok but highlighted we needed more storage space just to make life easier.

We drove 2,000:00 miles from door to door and the beast performed faultlessly apart from the last 100 miles when we noticed a leak in the steering box. When we parked up at home just about all the steering fluid ended up on the floor. A replacement box was soon sourced and within a few days was installed. We already had one side storage box so we ordered another for the other side. Safari Equip had the perfect box in stainless steel so we ordered one which quickly arrived. We had the door sprayed black and it was ready to fit.

Unusually the wing had two skins of aluminium, no idea why at all! Once fitted the box will contain the cooker, gas and other quickly needed items. Cutting the hole to take the box is quite scary!

We have also installed cargo nets into the back ceiling for storage of coats and bedding etc.

Our next trip will be to the South of France so we will see how our improvements work.

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