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Kings of the Road!

By 05:00 we were approaching Paris, it was still very dark, and i was beginning to feel tired. We were astounded by the amount of lorries on the motorway at this time of day, i would think for every car there must have been 10 lorries. As we joined the Peripherique the number of lorries was increasing by the minute, suddenly we felt very small amongst the kings of the road, how dare we mix with them! There are numerous turns to make as the route circumnavigates Paris and each turn was an adventure in itself having to watch the unlit overhead signs lorries that suddenly decide they are coming down the same turn off as you and of course the odd speed camera! What with tiredness well established the darkness and the continual near misses with the lorries it was rather an unpleasant experience.

We eventually cleared Paris without mishap and joined the A10 autoroute, found a service area and pulled in. We pulled down the blinds and woke up 2 hours later! Feeling reasonably refreshed we pushed on and soon joined the A27, thankfully nearly all the lorries had disappeared! We were now finally heading South.

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