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Morocco here we come!

Sunday morning on the 17th January 2021 having a quiet read of a Land Rover magazine i came across an article about touring Morocco in a Land Rover. I mentioned the article to Dianne who immediately said "why don't we do that"? When i got off the floor i readily agreed!

Monday 18th the deed was done! We are going to Morocco!

To those who don't know us we are mad keen on Land Rover's. The one we are taking is a Defender 110 200tdi made in 1993, We have already had a few adventures in her during the 4 years of ownership. We have nicknamed her the "Black Beast"! We have made lots of changes to her over the years to hopefully make her even more reliable. There are no computers running her just good old fashioned mechanics which hopefully will work in our favour during the forthcoming trip.

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