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The beast is black!

At last the ”beast” is back and is now black again! A big thank you to Jules, Steve and Paul at Mill Road Motors for their hard work, we are very pleased with the outcome.

Now we will concentrate on converting the interior to enable us to be able to sleep in real comfort as well as having all the storage we will require for the trip. We need storage for food, clothes, spare parts (for the beast, not us!) water and possibly a small wine cellar!

We will be installing a split charge system for a second battery which will power lights, chargers for power tools and computers and probably the most important item the fridge so we can have cold beer at the end of the day! We will be installing a rear awning supplied by “Tuff Trek” and a special tent that attaches to the awning to give us a lot more space when we are stopped for the night.

As we do these jobs and probably many more we will post more information on how we have done them.

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