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The first day.

Yesterday we traveled from Dumbarton up into the Highlands, there was so much traffic and we very nearly had a head on crash with a motorbike, how the rider squeezed past I don’t know and we also managed to stay on the road! We took backroads from then on avoiding the crowds. Glen Orchy was fantastic, rivers, mountains and deer, perfect Scotland! Glen Coe was amazing too! We went off the beaten track for our overnight stay travelling to Lock Arkaig. What a location and with only the sound of water and

birds and was the ideal time to enjoy a Doombar! We cooked a Chilli con Carne and enjoyed a glass of wine with it. We had a very Scottish camper join us for a beer and chat which went on a long time and another chap arrived to swim across the Loch and back! All in all a fantastic end to the day.

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